The Wayside Motel, Manitoulin
Manitoulin Island



Dining Options


Our small convenience corner offers snacks, drinks, dry and/or frozen ready to eat packaged food and basic toiletries (in case you forgot something) available only to our guests. You will not go to bed hungry if you happen to arrive in Manitowaning after 6:00 PM and find all of the stores closed.  Please note that most stores and services in Manitowaning (and in many locations on the Island), including gas stations, close at 6:00 PM.

Area dining establishments located within 30 min drive include:

Two dineries in Manitowaning:

Within 15 - 20 min drive:

Within 30 min drive:

  • Restaurants in South Baymouth (seasonal only) and Little Current (open all year). 

Please ask us for milk or cream to your coffee. Milk and cream as well as apples and chocolate candies, subject to availability, are provided to you at no charge and with complements from your host.